ZBC to launch a range of new channels

After the realization of digital migration, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) will roll out a range of new channels.  The channels will bring a change to ZBC’s viewers after years of just watching one channel, ZTV.

The channels will vary from history channel to religious channel to a security channel. The CEO of ZBC, Patrick Mavhura pointed out, ‘’We will increase our channels and hope to have a security services television channel, wildlife, history of our country and Africa among other channels…We will have a full spectrum channel to carry a variety of content and then news and current affairs, sports, music, tourism and nature channels initially.’’

Despite the announcement, Patrick Mavhura did not specify as to when they will introduce the channels. Nonetheless, to watch the proposed channels, viewers will likely have to pay subscription fees as once noted by ZBC’s CEO.

On the other hand, with the digital migration project, the proposed channels would be aired in High Definition.