Zapping TV expands its channels and content catalog

Chilean pay TV OTT Zapping TV relaunched its streaming offer and doubled its more than 70 channels with exclusive content, a Bollywood series and films TV network, another one on eSports and the first channel for  LGBT+ community in Latin America. Customers can access to Zapping TV’s catalog for free during a 7-days period, and then have all the live channels content available for USD 15 for the first three months.

‘Zapping TV is a real option for people who want to desist for hiring a cable TV service, or for those who want to do so and keep only Netflix with a cheaper alternative to the traditional cable operator’, said Gustavo Morande, Executive Director of the company. Those interested in accessing Zapping TV must create an account on its website, and then download it to the computer, LG and Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android or Chromecast.

Zapping TV’s catalog HD content includes movies  (Fox, FX, Cinecanal, TNT, TCM, Space and Investigation Discovery), children’s programming (Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, NatGeo Kids Boomerang, and Tooncast), news (CNN Chile, CNN in Spanish, 24 hours), culture (Discovery Channel, NatGeo, Animal Planet) and sports content, with the possibility of hiring the Chilean Football Channel (CDF) Premium HD and Fox Sports Premium as additional content. ‘We offer our customers the possibility to test without obligation, to cancel the service or to hire it again when want it and, of course, to watch TV anywhere and on any platform,” Morandé added.

Gustavo Morande, Zapping TV’s Executive Director, will be part of the panel ‘OTT Pay TV: Skinny Bundles and Ad-On Channels’, in the Nextv Series Argentina event, organized by Dataxis. It will be developed on May 14th and 15th at the Intercontinental Hotel, in Buenos Aires.