Zapping TV expands its catalog with a new children-stories channel

Chilean pay TV OTT Zapping TV continues to expand its catalog. Apart from the three Discovery channels recently added, it has launched Cuenta Cuentos to its portfolio, a new original channel with more than 250 stories that last no more than five minutes each, where classics such as ‘Pinocchio’; ‘The ugly Duckling’; ‘Little Red Riding Hood’; ‘Sleeping Beauty’; ‘Cinderella’, and others.

‘Cuenta Cuentos is a TV channel available 24 hours a day, with uninterrupted stories. We know that this is a unique moment in the world, and we want to provide parents with an alternative that entertains children but, at the same time, trains their imagination and creativity’, said Gustavo Morande, CEO at Zapping TV.

The new channel joins others recently added into the platform, such as TV Educa Chile, Discovery World, Discovery Theater and Discovery Science, in addition to the seven Zapping Music channels, where the first exclusive Chilean music channel stands out. ‘In this complex situation, we provide new content alternatives for our clients, and we are proud that many of them have the Zapping TV label’, added Morande.

The platform also highlighted that it worked together with the Chilean storytelling company La Matrioska and music by Martin Schlotfeldt to add this new channel to its catalog. In addition to the new offers, Zapping TV has recently announced its availability on Roku devices and its expansion plans to Colombia and Peru. Currently, the subscription to the Zapping TV basic plan is valued at CH $ 11,990 (USD 14) per month. The platform’s offer includes more than 80 channels and the option of adding premium sports, series and movies channels for an extra payment.