Zapping TV aims at cord cutters with its linear OTT offer in Latin America

Zapping TV is looking to gain space in the Latin America market with its linear OTT offer that aims to “transform the cable industry through a personalized, low-cost service,” said in an interview with NexTV News Latam, the CEO and founder of the company, Gustavo Morandé.
The executive will discuss the new OTT pay TV business models in South America in the next edition of NexTV Series Argentina, the conference organized by Dataxis, to be held on May 16 and 17 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires.
The company intends to continue in Latin America a similar business model offered by Linear OTT operators in the United States, such as Sling TV, said Morandé. “It’s a product that aims at cord-cutters, and the people that want to have the Internet service with Netflix and Zapping.” According to the executive, the idea is offering “an alternative to cable TV and for much lower prices”, with packs of around USD 5 and USD 10.
Currently, Zapping TV offers a national pack in Chile (only available in the country), an international pack with Colombian channels, which is active in 10 countries and already has 400 subscribers, and a pack with free channels that about 14,000 users are testing.
“Little by little we are closing deals with new channels to launch around the region. We are negotiating with the main channel groups and with local TV in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, “said Morandé. “In each country we will be launching a local pack, like the one we have already launched in Chile, and we will also have an international Chilean pack for those who live abroad,” he added.
According to the executive, the next launch will be an international pack with channels from Spain, which will include TVE, Antena 3, Atreseries, CincoMas, among others. “And the next local packs that we will be launching are in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, which is what we are negotiating today and would have to be available during the year.” In this way, by the end of 2018 the company expects is to reach around 15,000 paid users throughout the region. Each pack has its price and according to Morandé there will eventually be multi-pack discounts.
The pack in Argentina will include free-to-air TV channels such as Telefe and el Trece, as well as the sports TV channel TyC Sports, among others. There will also be international networks such as Jinx, Bloomberg and BBC.
Earlier this year, Wayra Chile, Telefónica’s investment arm, made an investment in Zapping TV. The executive clarified that Zapping TV continues to operate independently of the OTT and pay TV services of Telefónica.