Zain Bahrain rolls out new fiber broadband services

Telecom operator Zain Bahrain, in collaboration with Bahrain’s National Broadband Network (BNET), is proposing new fiber broadband packages on the largest fiber network in the kingdom and has also announced improved fiber broadband packages.

The collaboration between Zain Bahrain and BNET shares the same commitment and vision for innovation and together they will offer the best experience and solutions with the largest fiber network in Bahrain through offering the highest possible standards to meet Bahrain’s 2030 vision.

The new fiber packages with speeds of upto 500Mbps and low latency, are tailored to meet customers’ needs, representing a quantum leap in the portfolio of technologies and solutions offered to its individual and enterprise customers enabling them to enjoy services like 8K streaming, virtual reality (VR), online gaming, and downloading heavy files easily. 

On selected fiber packages, subscribers may enjoy an array of advantages including monthly data of up to 1.5TB, free installation and free one-month rental.

Zain Bahrain prides itself on making available to its customers the latest technologies, applications and gadgets to enjoy a smarter way of living by constantly staying connected.