YouTube removed 8 million videos in three months

YouTube announced that it has removed 8.3 million videos from its platform between October and December 2017. According to the company, the majority of these videos were mostly spam or people attempting to upload adult content. The information was included in YouTube’s first quarterly report.
YouTube said that 6.7 million were first flagged for review by machines rather than humans. Of these total, 76 % were removed before they received a single view.
“Machines are allowing us to flag content for review at scale, helping us remove millions of violative videos before they are ever viewed. And our investment in machine learning to help speed up removals is paying off across high-risk, low-volume areas (like violent extremism) and in high-volume areas (like spam)”, explained the company in a blog post.
In addition, YouTube has the “Trusted Flagger” program. Its members include individuals, NGOs, and government agencies that are particularly effective at notifying YouTube of content that violates the Community Guidelines.
Mexico and Brazil are among the countries from which YouTube received the most human flags, along with India, the United States, Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom.
This initiative comes after several brands abandoned the site last year after discovering that some of the ads were appearing next to violent or inappropriate content.