The YouTube Kids app to improve parental controls

Google’s YouTube Kids mobile app introduced new parental control options for America, Asia and Europe to improve security. These improvements arrive after several complaints by users who claimed that a faulty algorithm was letting content not suitable for children to slip in.

Collections are one of the new features. They have content purged by Google professionals and partners of the company, classified in different topics such as art, music and sports, among others. This allows parents to select the collection or channel that their children like the most, trusting that the videos were seen and approved by humans.

Another implemented feature is the option to disable recommendations, so that children don’t have access to the recommendations that YouTube usually offers through the Internet. The application already allowed making unavailable the search option.

The third new feature will be launched within a few months and will consist of contents approved by the parents themselves. This way, children will only be able to watch the videos that were previously selected by their parents.

This improvements add to the other features that the app already had, such as the possibility of creating profiles for different children within the same account, the design change according to the age of each child, the timer and the sound control.