YouTube ads category announced at the Loeries

YouTube South Africa has announced that there will be a YouTube category at the Loeries this year to recognise creative excellence on the YouTube platform. This means that advertisers and creative heads for YouTube will be eligible to enter into a category tailored specifically for advertising. 

Bumper ads (6 second non-skippable ads) and skippable ads (minimum 7 seconds, maximum any length video) will be eligible, said Google SA head of Creative Agencies, Artwell Nwaila. 

Advertisers and agencies can enter a single entry, comprising a bumper ad or multiple bumper ads for example, a series of bumper ads that together tell a story or a campaign entry featuring at minimum one skippable TrueView advert with minimum 7 seconds and maximum any length video advert and a minimum of one bumper advert with 6 second non-skippable video advert.

“For advertisers, this means there is a huge, addressable market that they can target with ads specifically tailored to take advantage of digital video platforms like YouTube, and the benefits they offer,” said Nwaila.