Yahoo and Pluto TV join forces to sell advertising space in Latin America

Yahoo reached an agreement with ViacomCBS to integrate the Pluto TV catalogue into its SSP platform in Latin America, with the aim of monetizing IPTV commercial spaces and offering them to advertisers working in the company’s advertising ecosystem.

“We are working with Pluto TV, committed to contributing to the growth of the service through our digital business solutions that offer more relevant metrics and accurate results measurement, also generating value in the monetization process of advertising spaces and expanding the possibilities of earnings’ maximization“, Gabriel Mazzutti, Head of Supply Side Platforms for Latin America at Yahoo, explained. 

“The inclusion of another relevant partner in OTT such as Pluto TV demonstrates the company’s investment in a segment that experienced exponential growth in 2020 and that tends to continue to grow in the coming years; gaining more and more space in the strategic plans of advertisers, with a focus on digital actions to extend engagement and omnichannel reach”, he added.

Meanwhile, Fabricio Proti, Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales for AVOD and Pay TV in Latin America and General Manager of ViacomCBS in Brazil, said: “Being part of Yahoo’s inventory is of great value to Pluto TV. Through this important channel, we will be able to impact even more brands and potential partners with the great content opportunity that the service offers”.