Win Sports to launch a premium option in Colombia

The Colombian pay TV channel Win Sports will start operating Win Sports+ from January next year, a premium option that will feature all the matches played in Colombia, and intends to double the Dimayor -entity responsible for organizing, administering and regulating professional football championships in the country-, receives for broadcasting these events on TV, as reported by Jaime Parada, Win Sports President, to the newspaper La República.

According to the executive, the Win Sports + offer will include about 620 annual matches, and will bring together Women’s League, Colombian Super League, Turkish Super League and Colombian Cup matches, among other competitions.

Parada explained that during January, the month in which the new channel is planned to launch, it will be available for free and, from February on, those who wish to access its contents must pay a COL $ 29,990 (USD 9.90) monthly subscription. Those who are interested will be able to access the contents through Win Sports Online or through pay-TV operators.