Win Sports to broadcast the Colombian Football League Final with high technical standards

The Colombian pay TV channel Win Sports announced that the Colombian Football League Final, which will be played between the America de Cali and Junior de Barranquilla teams, will be broadcast by the channel under high production standards. The match will take place this Saturday, December 7th at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium, in Cali. 

Win Sports reported that the Football League Final will feature 24 cameras distributed in three mobile units, so that Colombians can follow every detail of what happens on the football court; 2 cranes behind the football goals, in order to obtain the greatest number of details of what happens in each area; 2 mini cameras in each football goal, which will allow watchers to look in detail the incidents in the goal line; 1 steadycam, located a few meters from the sideline; 1 drone piloted with live broadcast, to have the vision of everything that happens inside the stadium; and a super slow motion system, which allows watchers to see, in slow motion, details of the incidents that take place during the football match.

‘This broadcast reflects everything we are doing at Win Sports to, increasingly, bring more and better Colombian Professional Football productions from stadiums to homes’, said Jaime Parada, President at Win Sports.