Win Sports submits offer to implement Premium soccer channel

Colombian sports channel Win Sports, which owns the TV rights to the local soccer tournament, has submitted an offer for the implementation of a Premium channel. Dimayor (Major Division of Colombian Soccer) will analyze the proposal during the next 30 days.
According to local media, Win Sports offered Co$ 1.7 trillion (USD 570 million) for eight years, without taking into account the subscribers that the new channel could have. Thus, clubs would ensure a fixed income base. The proposal, which is 117% higher compared to the current contract, was presented last Thursday, before the start of the third Extraordinary Assembly of Dimayor.
“The Assembly received a bid by Win Sports for the implementation of the Premium channel, which will be studied carefully in the next 30 days,” the entity said in a statement. Dimayor will hold a new assembly in late October.
According to El Tiempo, the channel would cost $29,900 (USD 10) per month for subscribers, and would allow access to the five most outstanding matches of each day. Of that money, 30% would go to the operators offering the signal.