Win Sports Premium option is officially launched

Win Sports+, the new Colombian pay TV channel Win Sports premium option, is officially launched today and will base its programming on football content 24 hours a day, in full HD quality. The channel will broadcast football matches  without advertising, and will be available on Claro, TigoUne, DirecTV, HV Multiplay, Movistar and Emcali. Its monthly subscription will cost COP 29,900 (USD 9), although access to Win Sports+ will be free during January.

Jaime Parada, Executive President at Win Sports, said the channel will broadcast 60 matches a month on average. Win Sports+ programming grid will include  Colombian football matches live broadcast in their different championships, apart from the Turkish Super League and analysis and news programs. For the broadcasts, Win Sports has invested in new TV sets development, set designs, new production and broadcast master and cameras (13 during the matches and up to 20 in Finals), in addition to touch monitors and VIZRT plugins, which will set the production standards at the level of other countries of the region and Europe. In addition, the new channel will provide its connectivity and TV network for the VAR implementation.

‘Our promise will continue to be the realization and broadcast of quality content, with the best talent. We will do it with more and better technology, putting Colombian Professional Football broadcasts up to international standards levels’, concluded Parada.

The channels assigned to access Win Sports + contents are 634 (SD) and 1634 (HD) on DirecTV; 522 (SD) and 1522 (HD) on Claro; 24 (SD – IPTV and GPON) and 239 (HD) on Tigo; 896 (DTH) and 210 (HD – IPTV) on Movistar, 1002 (HD) on HV Multiplay and 205 (HD) on Emcali.