Win Sports launches new offers due to a possible Professional Football League resumption in Colombia

Colombian pay TV channel Win Sports announced that, due to the probable resumption of the Colombian Professional Football League, and after having offered Win Sports+, the company’s new premium TV channel, for free during the last six months, it launched a series of new promotional offers, aimed at facilitating access to football content in Colombia, through an offer that ‘allows to ensure broadcast income to guarantee the clubs financial sustainability’.

As officially reported by Win Sports, from September 1st, Win Sports + is available in SD for COL $ 20,900 (USD 6) per month, in most of the country’s operators. In addition, a 20% discount will be applied until the end of the year, both for new and current Win Sports+ customers in Full HD for a COL $ 23,900 (USD 6.5) monthly subscription, instead of COL $ 29,900 ( USD 8) for which it was available since before professional football was cancelled in Colombia.

Additionally, for those who prefer to access the Win Sports Online platform, the company offers a 14% discount until the end of the year, with a final price of COL $ 29,900 (USD 8) per month, together with other promotional offers that will also be available for half-year and annual plans. Through Win Sports Online, subscribers have access to Win Sports and Win Sports+, as well as a catalog of more than 4 thousand videos of the channel’s programs, historical matches, real-time statistics and DVR features, to pause and watch football matches that were already disputed.

‘Through these decisions, we aim ourselves at democratizing access to quality sports content, and ensure the necessary income for football, at a time when one of its main financing sources -the sale of tickets- cannot be implemented by restarting activities behind closed doors’, they reported from Win Sports.

Jaime Parada, President at Win Sports, has also expressed himself on the channel’s new offers, and indicated that ‘difficult times like the ones we are going through require the ability to adapt ourselves, make decisions that help and provide solutions to society. Win Sports was born with the aim of being useful to those citizens who love sports and, simply, when they are most lacking in it, we cannot turn our back on them. It is time to thank, acknowledge and give back in some way the trust they have placed in us’.