Win Sports adds new program to discuss about Colombian football

The Colombian pay TV channel Win Sports announced the arrival of ‘Especiales Win Sports: Volviendo a la Cancha’, which aims to reflect on different topics related to football. There are three special programs lasting an hour and a half, that are beingbroadcast on June 13th, 20th and 27th, in which coaches from Colombian football teams such as Juan Carlos Osorio, Luis Fernando Suarez and Francisco Maturana are participating.

As officially reported by Win Sports, during the special programs, coaches will share their opinions on different topics, including the challenges of Colombian football during the Coronavirus pandemic, the identity and features of football in Colombia, leadership, group management , and other related topics. Before the beginning of each program, Win Sports will offer viewers the opportunity to submit their questions on the topics to be discussed on social media, and coaches will have time to answer them throughout each program.

‘We are in a never-seen-before situation and we understand the need for entertainment that Colombians have under this current circumstances. It is for this reason that we have focused our efforts to continue bringing viewers a special sports content offer, and what better option than to bring these experienced coaches together to share their vision of football from different points of view. In such difficult times, we want to be next to our audience and be together with them in the best possible way at home’, said Jaime Parada, President at Win Sports.

In addition, Win Sports+ has resumed the Turkish Football Super League broadcast, in which Colombian football player Radamel Falcao Garcia, who has ran an agreement  with the Galatasaray club, takes part. Since last Friday, June 12th, the channel broadcasts the remaining eight fixture dates of the competition, also available in Brazil with DAZN.