Weyyak adds new series for Ramadan

Weyyak has recently added the latest and greatest Ramadan TV shows to its platform which can be viewed anytime and anywhere.  

Starting off with an exclusive is Al Joker, a Syrian production crime drama production about a mysterious killer who the police are trying to catch before he strikes again. 

Another exclusive is Ahla Ayam, that revolves around the main character childhood friends who escape the war in their country, moving and settling in elsewhere to face new challenges. An exciting new TV series that has generated a lot of excitement due to its cast, particularly the Syrian star, Motasem Al Nahar. 

Two additional Ramadan series have been added, one of which is Brokar, this new historical show takes us back to the days of French colonization in Syria and include Zuhair Ramadan, Salma Almasri and Rana Abyad. The other show is thrilling drama called Muqabala Maa Al Sayed Adam that revolves around a medical practitioner (played by Ghassan Massoud). 

“These are some of the biggest Ramadan productions for this year and they are sure to keep you entertained during this holy month. With these recently additions, Weyyak has also added a new cooking section, to our platform. This section serves as handy portal to several varied cooking programmes which will help you craft the tastiest of iftar meals throughout Ramadan,” a press statement from the company said.