WatsUp TV rolls out 24-hour music channel in Ghana

WatsUp TV launched new 24-hour music channel in Accra, Ghana, and was hosted by WatsUp TV host Champagne Lee and Emce Miguel.

CEO of WatsUp TV, ABD Traore, shared the journey of the channel starting as a TV show and transitioning into fully dedicated 24 hours channel within 6 years. He also acknowledged the support of the industry players who made this journey a great one for him and his team.

Some of the shows aired include Bonjour, Top 10 Africa, Music Playlist, Exclusive Interview, Hot Jamz, Top 10 Francophone, WatsUp TV Official Show. WatsUp TV also continues to be aired in 40 countries via Canal+ with broadcasts on Burkina Faso’s 3TV and Guinea’s Evasion TV.