WarnerMedia launches ‘Hora H’, with premieres of HBO series on its pay TV channels

WarnerMedia Latin America (AT&T) has recently announced the launch of ‘Hora H’ in the region. It is a new segment where the first episode of new HBO seasons and series are broadcast on WarnerMedia pay TV channels, such as Warner Channel, TNT, Space, TNT Series and Cinemax.

As officially reported by WarnerMedia Latin America giving more details about the initiative, ‘Hora H’ shows the first episode of new seasons of HBO series during the first week after their debut on that screen, without advertisements, with subtitles and dubbing. available. Later, the series follow their development on HBO and the SVOD OTT HBO GO.

WarnerMedia launched the initiative in Latin America in mid-January, and announced that it will feature the premiere of the second season of the ‘Batwoman’ series, based on DC characters, which will debut this coming Friday, January 29th on HBO and, from the following day, its first episode will be available on the WarnerMedia pay TV channels already mentioned. In addition, the first season of ‘Batwoman’ is now being broadcast on Warner Channel, where two episodes per day are offered every Sunday in the ‘Domingo Heroico’ segment in Brazil, and on Thursdays midnights in the rest of Latin America.

Days ago, WarnerMedia announced the executive team that will be in charge of the launch of HBO Max in Latin America, the company’s new SVOD OTT originally launched in the US at the end of May 2020, which is about to start its expansion into Latin America. and Europe.