WarnerMedia and XPL make the first professional polo league multiplatform launch

WarnerMedia announced a partnership with the new Xtreme Polo League (XPL), the first professional polo league, to create a world-leading franchise. WarnerMedia will take advantage of its platforms and ability to boost polo internationally, taking care of XPL’s production, contents distribution and marketing rights representation worldwide.

‘We are very excited about the new format developed by XPL, and we look forward to help through the different WarnerMedia properties and territories, in order to generate awareness, audience and business opportunities for the league’, said Whit Richardson, President of Turner Latin America.

XPL’s first tournament will start on September 25th and will last two weeks. It is taking place at the Pilar Polo Club of the Argentine Polo Association, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The competition’s Final will be held on October 5th. Six polo teams will be involved, including  Ellerstina, one of the leading polo organizations, La Aguada, who have won the Triple Crown, La Ensenada, with young players rising, Las Monjitas (Colombia), La Albertina Abu Dhabi (Emirates Arab United), and La Peagasus Polo International, a new formation from India. In addition to being the first international professional polo league and introducing new rules, the XPL is designing a state-of-the-art experience for fans, both to watch XPL matches on site and through the platform they choose, through WarnerMedia.

‘XPL has to do with empowering a healthy ecosystem for polo, which honors this sport tradition and, at the same time, supports its growth potential’, said Juan Zavalia Paunero, Xtreme Polo League’s Founder. ‘XPL means action and intensity for the audience, with a faster game, more goals made, more competitive tournaments and unprecedented access for the audiences, providing a much more attractive experience than anything we have seen before in the polo world. With WarnerMedia as a strategic partner, we aim to turn the XPL into a world-class sport for a modern and global audience’, he concluded.

Through this multi-year agreement, WarnerMedia will provide exclusive access for fans to watch all matches live through B / R Live in the US. and Canada; TNT Sports in Argentina; CDF in Chile; and on Brazilian Esporte Interativo digital platform. DirecTV Latin America will also broadcast the matches live for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.