Warner follows Disney and launches its OTT in 2020 with Turner and HBO

Kevin Reilly, Turner Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer said in a TV Critics Association event in Pasadena that WarnerMedia will launch its OTT SVOD in 2020, with content from HBO, Turner and the Warner Bros movie library.

Warner’s new OTT, as reported by Reilly -who is also TNT and TBS President- aims to reach a wide range of audience, ‘starting with children through Cartoon Network and the animated  Looney Toones contents, up to teenagers with content from Adult Swim, CW and the New Line Cinema movie catalog, to adults with HBO and Warner Bros movies’.

Reilly also pointed that he hopes all Warner’s main titles to be available in the OTT, including the series ‘Friends’, and clarified that the SVOD platform was not created as a defensive measure against Netflix.

A Warner OTT SVOD beta launching is planned at the end of 2019 (that means a trial version, before the final one) which will include content from its catalog.