Vodacom launched its gaming platform PlayInc in SA

Vodacom introduced its new PlayInc gaming platform with access to an array of games for a subscription fee. PlayInc contains over 2,000 mobile titles without any microtransactions or advertisements – and is priced at a 0.33 USD (R5) per day or 1.66 USD (R25) per week.

It comprises of titles from the Google Play Store, its own exclusive games, as well as free titles with microtransactions disabled, removing the payment barrier common in many freemium games.

The Portfolio Head for Gaming at Vodacom, Marco Lopes explained, “We have ambitious plans and crazy ideas for the evolution and development of PlayInc. The base subscription service is just a single offering from the platform, and users could expect additional access models as the service adds more features. We really want to go to market with something that allows people to get the full value of what these games offer.”

Lopes further said that PlayInc intends to open its platform to users on other networks in the near future. The PlayInc team is currently working on creating a strong foundation for its platform and the user experience.