Vix adds Brazilian content from O2 Filmes to its catalog

According to specialized websites in Brazil, the AVOD OTT Vix has added Brazilian titles from the O2 Films company to its catalog. The agreement came into effect on Friday, March 26th, and was signed with O2 Play, a division of O2 Filmes.

According to the information reported, the agreement focuses on the creation of a new channel for O2 Filmes, called ‘O2 Play Filmes Brasileiros’, whose aim is to promote local series and films.

‘We are very proud about this partnership, which, apart from enriching our catalog, will allow more people to access Brazilian productions’, reported Enor Paiano, Country Manager for VIX in Brazil.

‘O2 Play looks for contents that are in national and international festivals. We take care of the curation of the films that we release, all with very specific topics, being in many cases praised by specialized critics. Offering these films on Vix is ​​a great opportunity to increase the visibility of these titles and reach new audiences’, reported Igor Kupstas, Director of O2 Play.

Vix’s arrival at Brazil took place in mid-August 2020. Later, in early February 2021, the AVOD OTT was acquired by Univision. The launch of the platform in Brazil took place months before Pluto TV was launched in that country, where both platforms are the main players in the AVOD environment.