Vivo records 13.1 million FTTH HPs and more than 800 thousand IPTV accesses

In its Q2 2020 results report presentation, Telefonica Brazil -where it operates under the ‘Vivo’ brand, reported 805 thousand accesses to pay TV via IPTV and 13.1 million FTTH HPs in the period. The number of pay TV accesses via IPTV means a 63% of the company’s total TV client base. In addition, it means a 24% increase in relation to the 648 thousand accesses reported in Q2 2019, while in the first quarter this year it had 753 thousand accesses.

Vivo also reported that its total pay TV revenues at the end of Q2 2020 were valued at R$ 408 million (USD 78.9 million), 12.4% less than the R$ 466 million (USD 90.1 million) recorded at the end the same period 2019, while, at the end of Q1 2020, Pay TV revenues were R$ 423 million (USD 81.8 million). The company’s fixed income closed Q2 2020 valued at R$ 3.7 billion (USD 715.5 million). In turn, Vivo’s FTTH revenues were R$ 709 million (USD 137.1 million), while IPTV revenues were valued at R $ 265 million (USD 512.5 million). In addition, the pay TV ARPU during the period was R $ 106.8 (USD 20.6).

Telefonica Brazil also reported to have reached a total of 13.1 million FTTH HPs at the end of the second quarter of the year, compared to 739 thousand in Q1. The Q2 figure represented a 37.4% increase compared to the 9.5 million FTTH HPs it had in Q2 2019. Finally, during Q2, Vivo added 30 cities to its FTTH network, which totaled 216 at the end of the period.