Vivo from Brazil launches series of OTTs promotional discounts

Brazilian operator Vivo announced a series of promotional discounts for new subscribers to HBO Max, Disney +, Star + and Telecine. The offer will be available to all customers with an active line of the company, and will be valid for the first three months from the purchase of the service.

In recent times, several pay TV providers in Brazil have started offering discounts and exclusive promotions to boost the growth of different OTTs in the region, which are finding it increasingly difficult to gain subscribers on their own. For example, for The Walt Disney Company apps, which according to the company itself had very low growth numbers in the last quarter, Vivo will offer a 25% discount on the Disney + monthly rate, in addition to the Combo + package that will also include Star + for a value of USD 6 during the first three months.

In the case of HBO Max, the operator will lower the monthly cost to USD 2.87 for its postpaid and prepaid customers who are not yet subscribed to the platform, exclusively during the first quarter of use. Meanwhile, for the Brazilian service Telecine, new subscribers will be able to access a monthly price of USD 3.45 during the first two months from the purchase.