Vivo adds Globoplay to its mobile plan Vivo Selfie

Vivo Selfie, the mobile phone plan from Vivo that includes streaming services, added to their offer the Globoplay platform. From now on, the Brazilian company allows their users to enjoy the Grupo Globo content, and even rewards them with a 10 GB bonus if they carry the app on their device

Today, the plan has a monthly cost of USD 26.56, and since now will be giving 25 GB exclusively for Globoplay, with a 3 GB bonus if the client chooses a digital account. In addition, other packages also include platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Premier, Spotify, Netflix, Telecine and Disney +. 

The company defines Vivo Selfie as “the plan that is the face of the client”, and set as their goal adapting to the preferences of each user. Because of that, the app allows the client to create their own plan with the services and platforms that they prefer.