Viu Review launches app with personalized recommendations for films and series in Brazil

Viu Review, a personalized recommendation service for movies and series, has recently launched its app, VRW, for Android and iOS devices, available for free. Created by Andre Siqueira, the desktop version of the platform was launched in January 2019 with the aim of helping Brazilian subscribers to different streaming offers decide between the best series  and movies offered on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, and other platforms.

‘The great advantage of Viu Review is that we only make available for recommendation the movies and series that our user will really like. Our assertiveness index is 99.79%. We have a technology that tells us what each user is interested in watching, so we never had to worry about the amount of content. We always focus on quality’, reported Siqueira.

In case the user is not registered in the desktop version and wants to start the experience through the app, they can download it and select the streaming platforms they are interested in. Once these steps have been completed, each user will have a series of personalized recommendations available, which they can access each time they enter the application.

‘We managed to create a tool in which, once each user is logged, they have the best recommendations available, based on their personal taste, in the simplest and easiest way possible’, added Siqueira.