VIS, Mediapro, Olympusat and Telecom start filming Los Internacionales serie

Viacom International Studios (VIS), The Mediapro Studio, Telecom and Olympusat started to film Los Internacionales, a series that will be set in the 2001 Argentine economic and political crisis context. It will be broadcast in 2020 on FTA TV channel Telefe and will also be available on Cablevision Flow.

Los Internacionales filming process has recently began in Bogota, Colombia, to later move to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The series tells the story of a group of Colombian thieves who decide to travel to Argentina to carry out thefts and dismantle a society that was going through an economic and political crisis in 2001. For this reason, many Argentines were forced to remove their savings and from the banks, and Los Internacionales take advantage of the country’s context to execute their thefts in apartments and houses, stealing large amounts of money and jewelry, and becoming a legend.

Los Internacionales is based on the journalistic novel ‘La Conexion Bogota’, written by Nahuel Gallota, and will be starred by Argentine actress Cecilia Roth, in the role of prosecutor Marta Costas, and Colombian actor Juan Pablo Shuk, who will be Fausto, one of Los Internacionales.