ViacomCBS takes Paramount+ titles to Tigo’s clients in Bolivia, Costa Rica and Honduras

Multinational company ViacomCBS has officially announced last week an agreement through which Paramount+ titles, its SVOD OTT launched in Latin America last March, will be available for Tigo’s residential cable customers, the name by which Millicom’s operations are known in the region, in Bolivia, Costa Rica and Honduras, including ONEtv clients.

Under the terms of the agreement, Tigo’s clients will be able to access Paramount+ premium content catalog, which brings together more than 5 thousand hours of entertainment titles, including movies, series, children’s content, and others. In addition, although the first three markets confirmed by ViacomCBS and Tigo for this alliance include Bolivia, Costa Rica and Honduras, ViacomCBS confirmed that the offer will soon reach other markets where Tigo operates in Latin America, and will even be available for mobile clients of the company.

Those Tigo’s clients who wish to access the Paramount+ catalog must subscribe to the platform. The offer does not include any promotion in the monthly subscription, valued at BOB 34.40 (USD 5) in Bolivia; CRC 2799 (USD 4.5) in Costa Rica; and HNL 119 (USD 5) in Honduras.

The content partnership between Tigo and ViacomCBS is added to a USD 135 million investment that Millicom will make in Bolivia, Honduras and Paraguay over the next two / three years, with the aim of modernizing and updating its mobile networks, in partnership with Ericsson.