Viacom develops 58 productions in Latin America

Darío Turovelzky, Global Content Director at  Viacom / Telefe, said that at present the company is working on 58 productions in pre and post production stages throughout Latin America, and has 11 studios and 14 production centers in Miami, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, which allows it to produce content  for any region and platform, in addition to the company’s own brands. The director expressed that, at the moment, Viacom distributes contents for Netflix, Amazon, Fox, Turner, FTA channels and others.

In addition, he said that Argentine industry ‘is in a full transformation process’, and ‘we can no longer continue with previous years working methods, which perhaps worked at another time but today, with all the digital divergence and new consuming habits, it has made us change when planning and producing’. Turovelzky stressed the importance of OTTs and expressed that the industry should ‘adjust and follow  way of working if we want to raise content to a higher quality’.

The director also analyzed FTA TV at present in Argentina, and mentioned that, although it is losing power, ‘content  we are generating is the same or more than before between FTA and the OTTs that we manage’, and he also insisted on the need to propose an industry with multi-platform content, although TV ‘continues to set the agenda for the next day’. In addition, he reported that changes are not only in the media industry, but also in technology. ‘We work hard in business intelligence, analyzing data, audiences, who sees us, how they see us. That hard information helps us a lot to make decisions and take the industry to another level’.

Turovelzky also pointed out the importance of generating new licenses, events and experiences to generate added value and connection with audiences through content creation in all its auxiliary businesses.