VIA reveals new reality TV show titled ‘Ram vir ’n Rus’

A new local dating show is connecting four single South African men with 12 Russian women to see if they can find a match. In Ram vir ‘n Rus, which will air on VIA (DStv 147) from 20 October, the South African singles are matched with Russian women through an agency. The agency identified 12 single women who were also searching for love and introduced them to the local men.

In this first for South African TV, viewers will follow the singles as they meet and mingle over a period of 12 weeks. They then have to decide if there will be a wedding or if they will part ways.

Filming kicked off in May this year, but the format of the programme had to change due to travel restrictions imposed on South Africans due to the pandemic. The singles then met online after the women had written letters to the men.

Konrad Kuhn, Executive producer of the show, says connections were made right from the start: “There were immediate favourites. Two men did not know which way to go, and two couples only had eyes for each other from the beginning”.

On the other hand, Charles Povey, Content Manager of VIA, expressed his excitement on the release of the new show saying: “We were immediately excited when the producer sent us the proposal because it is unique and has never been done in South Africa. The search for love is exciting, but not always easy. Our participants must get to know each other in a limited space of time and decide whether they want to build a life with the other person,” said Charles. “The series also brings two cultures together and promises top drawer viewing pleasure”.

To recall, Ram vir ’n Rus premieres on Wednesday, 20 October at 20:00 with new episodes airing weekly. Most of the dialogue on the show is in English with English subtitles. VIA is also available on Catch Up and on the DStv-app. Ram vir ’n Rus will also be available on Showmax.