Uruguayan cable operators to debate about the country’s TV industry

‘Reinventing the box’, event in which Uruguayan cable TV operators Montecable, Nuevo Siglo and TCC met Uruguayan and regional TV industry leaders to present, debate and propose ideas based on the new realities of consumer spending. entertainment and the different regulatory contexts, has been developed on Wednesday, March 13th at the Sofitel Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay

Engineers from Montecable, Nuevo Siglo, TCC and Equital presented their vision on Uruguayan TV current situation and its future challenges. Football matches broadcasts that Facebook is developing in many Latin American countries was also discussed, and  so piracy,  with a specialized panel. The speakers asked Uruguayan State to ‘fight against piracy in a faster and efficient way’, and also expressed the need to continue with criminal complaints to companies that put on air content without any authorization.

The event also included an analysis of the Media Law by Mario Garmendia (legal representative of Montecable), Álvaro Carrau (lawyer of Nuevo Siglo) and Soledad Moreno (lawyer of TCC). Panel ‘Pay TV industry challenges in Uruguay’ was developed too, where mentioned companies general managers (Fabiana Orlotti, Andrés Ham and Javier Reute), agreed on the need to implement substantial changes to avoid future problems for companies, and other concepts. Andrés de León, president of the Uruguayan Broadcasters National Association (ANDEBU), said that operators are also affected by existing restrictions in TV market.