Uruguay resumes audiovisual productions recordings

The Uruguayan newspaper ‘El País’ reported that the Latin American country will resume  its audiovisual productions filming processes, that were cancelled since the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in Latin America. According to the newspaper, in Uruguay the recording of 20 productions, including movies, advertising and series, was stopped since March 13th.

‘El Pais’ highlights that, initially, small advertising shoots were made. ‘The production design is made according to the crisis, so they are little adverts, with few models and few technicians, who are filming at the models homes or in studios, with protective measures and a disinfection process’, reported Diego Rubino, Director of Oriental Films and secretary of the Uruguayan Advertising Production Companies Business Chamber (Ceppu), to ‘El Pais’.

With the borders closed and an audiovisual industry highly dependent on productions made abroad, the sector is in search of solutions to develop international productions. One of the solutions that came out is ‘a software that enables a director from anywhere in the world to receive, in real time, on his computer, the exact image captured by the camera, the visualization of a general shot of what It happens on the set and have a video conference with the team that is shooting in Uruguay’, reported ‘El Pais’.

This way, Uruguay becomes the first country in the region to resume audiovisual productions after the arrival of the pandemic, as well as Iceland, South Korea, New Zealand, the Czech Republic and some areas of Spain.