Uruguay calls for public tender to add channels to pay TV operators

The Uruguayan Communications Services Regulatory Unit (URSEC) has made a call for a public tender to determine three pay-TV channels that must be included in all pay TV operators programming grids in that country. Cardinal TV, Eutopía TV, TV Libre (RTV) and Canal U were notified as the contest finalists and must be submitted this Monday, December 16th to present their proposals, in what will be the final stage of the process.

Channels that took part of the call are Cardinal SA, TV network that belongs to the Camara Uruguaya de Television para Abonados (CUTA). It was launched in October 2018 and is focused in covering news from Uruguay. The second channel is Eutopía TV, headed by Federico Fasano, former director and founder of the Uruguayan newspaper La Republica. Its programming will focus on journalistic content. TV Libre (RTV) is another of the applicants, founded in 2003 and belonging to the multimedia that includes it next to the newspaper La República, and the Uruguayan AM Libre radio (AM 1410). The last option is Canal U (Union Continental Latinoamericana), founded in 2013, and with a programming grid that puts Uruguayan and other Latin American countries contents together.

URSEC’s measure was protected by Law No. 19,307 (Audiovisual Communication Services Law). The chosen TV channels must, devote 80% of their programming grid to national content  productions and not record any possible link with TV operators.