Unifique acquires broadband provider with 15 thousand customers in Santa Catarina

Brazilian broadband provider Unifique announced this week is has acquired WBT Internet, an operator serving the cities of Sao Bento do Sul, Campo Alegre, Rio Negrinho (all three in Santa Catarina) and Pien (in Parana), with fiber and wireless connections, as reported by the specialized media Teletime. The value of the deal, which will allow Unifique to add 15,7 thousand customers to its base and 400 km optical network, was not disclosed yet.

Jair Francisco, Market Director at Unifique Telecommunications, said that WBT was chosen because of being ‘a well structured and developed company that meets the minimum compatibility requirements with our network’. As reported by Teletime, the company plans to reach one million homes by 2025.

At present, Unifique operates in 116 Santa Catarina’s cities and has more than 85 thousand customers and 8,500 km fiber network. In June, the company launched TV Unifique , an IPTV offer that allows its clients to record, rewind and advance programming at any time.