Unicable renews its image

Pay TV channel Unicable, which is part of Televisa’s portfolio, rebrands today as “U” and unveils a new image and programming with renewed formats and new original productions.
“The change of name and image of Unicable, is due to the continuous effort of Televisa to stay at the forefront and evolve along with the audiences, thus achieving to remain in the public’s preference,” said Raquel Rocha, director of content and production of U.
With the change, the channel’s programming will present a specific block each day of the week: Monday – empowerment; Tuesday – family and home; Wednesday – healthy life; Thursday – love and sex; Friday – entertainment; Saturday and Sunday – special programming.
The channel renewed three successful productions: “Montse y Joe”, “Neta Divinas” and “Miembros al aire”. In turn, it announced the launch of new original productions, including “Game Time con Yordi”, “D-Generations”, “Mind Sex” and “Con permiso”.