UN3 adds new productions in Cablevision Flow

Cablevisión Flow and the UN3 channel  announced new UN3 productions available on the OTT, according to the agreement both had ran last year, which allows the arrival of 20 UN3 series in the OTT. The already available Lxs Mentirosxs, Hotel Romanov and Barrilete Cosmico, will now be joined by two great hits such as Tarde Baby and Influencers.

As UN3 officially reported, the short film Lxs Mentirosxs tells the network of lies between a couple that is threatened by the appearance of an old secret love. The production was distinguished at festivals in Argentina and participated in the official Canneseries selection in France. The second UN3 series already available on Cablevisión Flow is Hotel Romanov, a comedy that tells the story of Isabella, a young real estate agent who is rewarded with a stay in a beautiful hotel in Colonia, Uruguay, without knowing that people who work in the establishment have a strong obsession with her. The title won five international awards at festivals such as the Die Seriale 2018 in Germany, the Bilbao Web Fest 2018 in Spain and the Bawebfest 2019 in Buenos Aires.

Barrilete Cosmico is a false documentary about an amateur football team. This is a UN3 and Fly Films co-productions, and one of the winning projects of the INCAA’s Web Fiction Series 2017 Federal Contest. Recognized as the best international series in the Carballo Interplay 2019 in Galicia, Tarde Baby was conceived, produced, directed and made by an almost exclusively women’s team. It is focused on topics such as feminism and abortion, and tells the stories of four young people trying to survive in a mobile home feeding only on expired goodies. Finally, Influencers deals with the collapse of a relationship and the birth of another from the sickly link between its leading actors and social networks.