UFC launches new content platform in Brazil

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) launched this month UFC Docs, its own content platform in Brazil in partnership with the UFC in that country, with content, produced by Canal Combate (Globosat) and Brazilian producers. Access is free and, to do so, only one registration is requested on the UFC Docs website. Up to now, UFC Docs has not developed its own app, although it is possible to access its website from cell phones and other mobile devices.

The platform, whose access is free,  brings together more than 100 different episodes and beats 70 hours of content between documentaries, series and movies. In more specific terms, UFC Docs records 117 episodes of different contents, divided into 15 different titles.

‘They are incredible contents that help us positioning our brand. Through them, we have managed to tell the story of athletes, the origins of martial arts, and deepen little explored topics such as science behind sport and the growth of women within mixed martial arts (MMA). Now, we can make all this material available in one place’, said Daniel Mourão, Sr. Marketing Director Latam at UFC.

Some of the titles already available on UFC Docs are Mulheres na luta (one season); Viver para lutar (three seasons); Regras do MMA (two seasons); Laboratório de luta (three seasons); Futuros campeões (1 season); and others.