UCL launches as a pay TV channel in several Latin American countries

This Monday, June 1st, UCL (‘Un Canal Latinoamericano’) was officially launched as a new pay TV channel that already operates in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Spain, with aim of ‘reflecting the identity of the Latin American continent’.

As detailed from the channel’s official website, UCL was born with an alliance with France 24, DW Español, RFI (Radio France Internacional) and RT en Español, and ran broadcasting agreements with the governments of Paraguay, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia to add productions from those countries.

The channel will be available through Cablevision Flow and Red Intercable in Argentina; Cablevisión Flow and VeraTV in Uruguay; TigoStar and Copaco in Paraguay; TotalPlay in Mexico; CableOnda in Panama; Compuzip in the Dominican Republic; Red Intercable in Colombia; Red TV Cables in Chile; ATVCP Network in Peru; ÑÑ.TV platform in Spain; and via streaming through its website, UCLPlay.com.

‘I am very proud of this step that we are taking with UCL, a channel with a concept of deep culture, values ​​and unique Latin American identity, with the aim of showing the less widespread and more intense Latin America’ said Pablo Scotellaro, UCL’s President.

Some of its most outstanding UCL programs will be the daily news report of the Organization of American States (OAS), through ‘OEA News’; and other content, such as “Distrito Vanguardia’, which covers art, design and gastronomy, highlighting the value of entrepreneurial ideas; ‘El Explorador’, with interviews and news about the Mercosur region; ‘Radio France Internacional (RFI) en Español”, focused on an RFI proposal to provide information and programs that help people understand what is happening in the world; ‘El Bunker’, with the latest trends in research, communication strategies, government communication, the millennial vote and the management of new technologies.

Other programs included in the UCL catalog are ‘Destino VLA’, aimed at touring Villa La Angostura (Argentina); ‘Cultura DJ’, focused on the electronic music culture in Argentina and the world; ‘Cocina Facil’, focused on gastronomic content with easily prepared recipes, and ‘Al final del dia’, with interviews, humor and music, designed for the end of each day.