UCL Channel and the OAS launch news format about the organization

The Continental Union Latin America Channel (UCL) and the  American States Organization (OAS) General Secretary will work together to produce OEA News, a TV news format that will focus on the development of OAS news for all Latin America. The launch is scheduled for this Thursday, May 9th.

With this initiative, the OAS proposes the possibility of a closer relationship between Americas and Latin American societies, as well as and the development of new ways of approaching people.

UCL Channel is a continental initiative extended throughout the region, and committed to  disseminate and promote high quality international content to more than 21 million homes in countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Panama, Mexico and the US, through different pay TV companies in the Americas. The aim of the network is to promote  informative, cultural and social activities throughout Latin America.