Two series in Spanish lead the world ranking of the most watched on Netflix

Two weeks after its premiere, Money Heist 5 continues to lead as the most watched content on Netflix worldwide, with the most hours of viewing. However, the big surprise in the ranking was the Colombian series La reina del Flow, whose second season was positioned as the second most watched, also on the global scale.

 After getting back the first place, which had been taken away by Squid Game, the Spanish series once again surpassed not only all OTT series but also films, both in Spanish and English language. As detailed by the streaming service, in the week between December 6 and 12, the fifth season of the show registered 147,950.00 hours consumed by users.

Meanwhile, the Colombian series reached 49,990,000 hours of viewing and surpassed the first in the ranking of series in English, the third season of the North American Lost in Space, which in the same week recorded 35,820,000 hours, with which ended up qualifying in third place in the global ranking. Finally, in the list of programs in Spanish, the previous seasons of Money Heist and La Reina del Flow also managed to enter the top 10 of the last 7 days.