TVs from Panama must be sold with tuners for digital TV

Panamanian Public Services National Authority (ASEP)  reported that since April 1st all economic agents that market TVs in the country must sell them with the digital TV or DVB-T tuner incorporated, so that they can receive digital broadcasts. Panama, Colombia and some Caribbean territories have chosen this European standard for DTT.

The only exception to this measure will be in cases of TVs with dimensions equal to or lower than 43 inches. If the equipment does not have the built-in digital tuner, an external one with the DVB-T format must be provided for free to each client that purchases the equipment. TV screens larger than 43 inches are exempt from this provision. The ASEP, together with the Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition Authority (ACODECO), developed inspections and meetings with the merchants to guide them on the current regulations and achieve compliance with the previous mentioned standards.

Free-to-air (FTA) digital TV channels concessionaires in Panama include the Panama Channel Authority (Tu Canal TV), the New Panamanian Successful Network (Exitosa TV), Television Istmeña S.A.,  TV Movil Panama and the TV and Communications Digital Concessionaire (Nex Sport).

The Panamanian Television Company, S.A. (Plus), National Assembly, State Radio and Television System (SERTV), Medcom Panama Corporation, S.A. (Rpc, Mall Tv and Telemetro), National TV , S.A. (TVN and TV Max), National Telecommunications S.A. (TV Max), Vision Rio Pison, S.A. (Hosanna Visión), Foundation for Education in Television (FETV), Television and Communications Digital Concessionaire S.A. (Nex Tv and other 23) and TV Panama S.A. are also included.