TVN Chile joins the streaming market with TVN Play

Chilean FTA TV channel Television Nacional de Chile (TVN) has officially announced this last Monday, July 5th, the launch of ‘TVN Play’, its new OTT, with a catalog that will bring together current and historical content of the channel. Those who wish to access the platform’s catalog will not need to pay a monthly subscription.

According to the information officially reported by the channel, TVN Play will bring together more than 80 programs, 3 thousand episodes and all of TVN’s live programming, as well as programming from channels such as 24Play (focused on news and owned by TVN), TV Educa Chile, officially launched last year with a focus on educational content; and the international network TV Chile. In addition, it will gather more than 2,300 hours of on demand content, including series, soap operas, cultural programs, children’s programming and news, for free. Access to the platform’s catalog can be done through the mobile app on cell phones with iOS and Android operating systems, as well as from Samsung smart TVs, from 2018 onwards. The company informed that access to TVN Play from LG, Sony, Roku and Apple TV smart TVs will soon be enabled. The platform also has a web-enabled version (

‘We are very proud to make this OTT available to audiences, which comes to support our aim to be a multiplatform media, available throughout the country, and which, now, will give our audience the opportunity to access current content of the channel, and also to the valuable stuff that TVN has produced over the years’, reported Francisco Guijon, Executive Director at TVN.

The platform was developed by TVN’s digital area, who has digitalized the channel’s  historical content, with titles that will be aired on the platform after more than 30 years. In addition, the platform will gather TVN’s classic titles. ‘In a year where streaming consumption has been on the rise, we are very happy to make TVN Play available to all Chileans, an OTT that focuses on increasing the connection with our audiences and deliver the best of our content in one place, and in all the devices’, reported Diego Valdes, General Editor of Digital Platforms at TVN.

With the announcement, TVN Play joins, TVN’s international platform, launched in September 2016 for those who live outside Chile and wish to access its content. ‘This platform will keep its prices, as well as the content grid, being a complement of our digital offer and our mission of bringing the best of TVN’s content to the rest of the world’, they reported from the company.