TVF titles available in MENA

BBC Arabic and Al Jazeera are among the broadcasters in the MENA region to obtain the rights to air contents from British distributor TVF International.

The pan-MENA BBC Arabic television channel has chosen an offer which contains an award-winning series on mental health like In My Mind, Me & Eugenics from prodco Furnace, and Prisons Uncovered, which was directed for the British broadcaster ITV.

Al Jazeera has acquired 35 hours of content for its documentary channel which consist of New Species, ZDF, Arte and Globo copro. The protocols of the Channel are in two-part series; How they Rule our world and Coming Clean about Green which are environmental series aired for the first time on News Asia’s Channel.

Furthermore, pay TV broadcaster Discovery Family has chosen season 1 and 2 of Fresh Recruits; a Burning Bright production, as well as the Did I Mention of Invention? series of science magazines? and Choice TV’s Healthy Food Guide.

The pan-MENA channel Alhurra has seized two recent movies from News Asia’s channel Undercover Asia investigation and the Autonomous historical title Partition

In conclusion, the OSN satellite provider developed Apollo’s New Moon, a unique documentary commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first inhabited lunar landing.