TV47 to launch new TV show

The CEO of TV47, Eugene Anangwe has announced the launch of a youth-focused show, Youth Connect, that will air on Sundays at 8pm.

The concept of the show is to showcase hardworking youth who have a dream to respective industry players to ensure that they get a chance to actualising their ideas.

“I have been working behind the scenes to ensure every system and structures of TV47 are fully oiled and functional and I believe it is time, since we are now at cruising speed. There is a great level of creativity and innovation among the Kenyan youth and youth across Africa; sometimes all they need is that connection platform that will connect them to the right people that will help them unlock their potential. There are very few such platforms and youth connect town hall will be one of them,” said Anangwe.

The model of the show would involve inviting a youth for an interview before later bringing a panel with the power to transform the youth’s idea. The panellists will be carefully selected based on the line of work the young person is working on. 

“The show will start with an interview with the young entrepreneur then bring in the other panellists into the discussion. The end game is to see this young entrepreneur’s dreams come true through a commitment to support him and many others like him by the panellists,” continued the CEO.