TV Globo transforms the channel’s image

TV Globo, the open signal of the Brazilian entertainment company, announced that as of Wednesday, December 1, it will transform its image on the air, on the occasion of its year-end campaign. As detailed by the station, the main objective of the change will be to give a new visual identity to the brand.

For its part, Globo affirmed that the transition towards the new aesthetic will be part of a special advertising segment that will be broadcast after the end of the news show “Jornal Nacional”, around 9:30 PM GMT-3. In addition, it revealed that the campaign will include new concepts and graphic elements, which will give the channel a more versatile and colorful image.

The change directly reflects the content of TV Globo, which follows the diversity and plurality of society, in addition to all the emotion that soap operas, series, reality shows, variety programs, journalism, sports and shows bring to the public“, the company explained in a statement.