TV Cultura and RTP plan to exchange contents and joint projects

The Brazilian channel TV Cultura and Radio and Television from Portugal (RTP) ran a cooperation agreement through its directors Marcos Mendonça and Gonçalo Reis, respectively. Its main purpose is that both channels exchange programs and information content and provide cameras, studios, editing media and journalists, and other contents. The agreement also includes co-production projects on  mutual interest topics and professional training.

‘I am very happy to have ran that agreement with RTP. That approach with Portugal is important for us. Today, TV Cultura in Brazil has a more than 150 million people reach , which allows Brazilians to get to know Portugueese culture better and take our culture to Portugal’, said Marcos Mendonça, TV Cultura’s General Director.

TV Cultura and RTP are already working on joint projects developments. Contents such as ‘Visita Guiada’ and ‘Madeira Prima’, for example, have RTP production and will be shown on TV Cultura. Work is also being done to develop other cultural and children’s content in the channels.

Gonçalo Reis,  RTP’s President, said that ‘TV Cultura is a high quality public reference institution. Brazil is obviously a very relevant market for us, and this partnership opens several paths in the areas to share programs, and having available a technical means set for information and eventual co-productions’, adding that  ‘we will collaborate strongly in documentaries, music and children’s programs areas’.