TV Azteca launches new AVOD platform internationally

Mexican media conglomerate TV Azteca (Grupo Salinas) announced this last Tuesday, August 10th, the launch of ‘Azteca Now’. its new AVOD platform, in partnership with Icaro Media Group. According to the information reported, the platform will be available for the international market, including Latin America, on iOS and Android devices. The Azteca Now app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

At the content level, Azteca Now will offer original titles from TV Azteca, including soap operas, movies, series, and even the ADN40 channel, focused on news, and others. Some of the titles included are ‘Destino’; ‘Los Rey’; ‘Hombre tenias que ser’; ‘Demencia’; ‘Drenaje profundo’ ‘Lucho en familia’; ‘El gavilan pollero’; ‘La amargura de mi raza’ and ‘La hija del ministro’

’With Azteca Now we renew our commitment to our audience in Latin America and we open another channel to reach millions of followers of our content’, reported Patricia Jasin, VP for TV Azteca Internacional / Azteca Estudios. ‘We are excited about all the projects that we are putting together for this new business’, she added.

According to Paul Feller, CEO at Icaro Media Group, through the announcement, ‘not only are we launching the Azteca Now app with the 2nd-largest mass media company in Latin America, but we believe that the Azteca Now premium video app is one of the best media technology platforms in the market. With a penetration of more than 93% in Latin America, TV Azteca will further broaden their reach in 13 countries across parts of North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. This product launch is a significant milestone in Icaro’s mission, which is to build the best dynamic AI-driven digital media products for the world’s leading media and telecommunications companies, bringing our total potential audience in Latin America to more than 190 million subscribers.”