TV Azteca adopts Xandr’s monetization platform

Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company,  has announced that its strategic partner TV Azteca, has adopted the sales platform Xandr Monetize, as the Supply Side platform (SSP) for the programmatic management of Tubi’s advertising in Mexico. TV Azteca is responsible for the on-demand marketing of video advertising (AVOD) of Tubi’s inventory in that country.

‘We are excited to enhance our relationship with Xandr and include Tubi’s exclusive inventory on its platform’, said Rafael Martinez, Manager of Ad Ops, Programmatic & Paid Media, Azteca Digital. ‘Xandr’s platform has been key in increasing the opportunities to monetize our OTT and CTV inventory and to develop more direct relationships with brands and advertisers in Mexico. At the same time, Xandr helps us to better bundle, sell and measure the performance of our multi-screen inventory’, he added.

Orlando Marin, Marketing Director at Xandr mentioned: ‘The growing need for programmatic solutions with OTT and CTV inventories in Mexico is evident. We are pleased to be able to work with TV Azteca and Tubi to improve our advanced TV offerings and provide consumers with a better viewing experience’.