and Abu Dhabi Media sealed content deal

The agreement has been established between Abu Dhabi TV and, both aiming for better service delivery for their customers. Coinciding with the month of Ramadan, the deal brings forward shows such as Khiyanat Watan Min Riwayat Ritaj, that are features on Abu Dhabi TV, as well as El Emarat.

Programmes will be available in English and Arabic, encompassing several other programmes including talk shows, dramas, documentaries and sports. A good thing about the deal is that access to this content can be available without the use of long-term cable contract.

The market for streaming services has seen its demand undergone a rise, with the number of users escalating up to 128 million, according to Ali Al Shaiba, the chief executive of it has been found that the majority of people in Arab is aged less than 30, thus, resulting in the online video entertainment’s demand going up. Contributing to this new development is the easy availability of foreign content by the introduction of Starz, the US payTV network and Netflix.

Moreover, it has been predicted that the number of subscription videos on demand will be elevated drastically and the number of subscribers will be increased as well.