Turner wants to negotiate TV broadcasting rights with football clubs in Brazil again

Turner sent a notification to the Palmeiras, Internacional, Bahia, Ceara, Coritiba, Fortaleza, Athletico Paranaense and Santos clubs on April 3rd, with which it has ran an agreement to broadcast its matches in the Brazilian professional championship (Brasileirão), for this year, in order to renegotiate the deal. As officially reported in the local newspaper Estadão, Turner wants to have a meeting with the clubs ‘to solve pending issues’.

The company agreed with the already mentioned football clubs to broadcast their matches at the Brasileirão on pay TV until 2024, through TNT and Space, and via OTT through Esporte Interativo Plus. In the notification it sent, it refers to ‘certain obligations that (Turner) wishes to reinforce, including the commitments assumed by the clubs’.

According to Estadão, the main commitment that the clubs may be breaking is related to broadcasts on FTA TV. In Brazil, clubs can sell their broadcast rights separately on FTA TV, pay TV and PPV. In this context, many Turner broadcasts over the past year competed against Globo, which has the broadcasting rights for the 20 clubs taking part in the Brazilian football competition. In addition, Estadão reports that, when defining the matches broadcast schedule, the clubs align with Globo’s demands and do not defend Turner’s interests.

Jose Carlos Peres, President at Santos, expressed himself about the agreement between the clubs and Turner: ‘Santos loses money. Break the agreement (with Turner) is the best way. Clubs are meeting to present an offer to the company. Turner is also not being benefited by Brazilian football. Cancelling the current deal will be good for both Turner and the clubs’, he said.